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Use navigation mode

When you are working on the TurnClick Canvas, you will see a toggle switch in the top toolbar that reads “Edit / Navigate”. By default, the Canvas is always in edit mode, which allows you to select elements to edit. If you’d like to navigate to a different page within the same editing session, you can switch to navigate mode. This allows you to follow links and load new pages to edit in the Canvas. You won’t be able to select elements to edit as long as you are in navigate mode. Navigate mode is useful if you've finished editing the first page you loaded in the Canvas, but now you want to modify other pages as part of a set of modifications that span more than one page.

When you enter navigate mode, the Canvas will remain in that mode until you toggle back to edit mode. 

Third-party domains

If you navigate to a different domain from the original domain you entered to modify, you’ll be presented with some new options. You’ll either be able to go back to the page you came from to continue modifying that page, or you can begin to modify the new domain and page you navigated to. 

For instance, let’s say you load www.tesla.com into the Canvas and make some edits to the Tesla home page. Then you navigate to www.tesla.com/modelx and make some additional edits there. That’s no problem. These edits will be part of one continuous modification session. Then you decide to navigate further within the same session and you click the "Shop" link in the main navigation of Tesla and load shop.testla.com into the Canvas. This is considered a different domain (a third-party domain, since shop.tesla.com is a subdomain of tesla.com) and TurnClick will present you the option to go back to the last page you came from or modify the new page to start making edits to shop.tesla.com in a separate editing session. If you choose to modify the new page, all the edits you made to the page you left will automatically be saved and you can reload that page editing session from the Dashboard anytime.